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Content and social media
that's handcrafted for your startup.

Month-to-month pricing that you can stop/pause anytime.

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How it works

We do everything from strategy to content creation – we'll even post for you.

You now have a full content and social team rolled into one monthly cost.

1. Strategy build

First we'll work with you to construct a custom strategy based on what you need. This is where we develop the concept and outline the calendar of deliverables.

2. Content creation

Next, we get to work creating your content. Typically the first few pieces will need a couple feedback iterations to get it right. After that we can move much faster.

3. Publish & Distribute

After the content is created we will publish it across the outlined social media platforms. We can also help set up automations to drive engagement and build your email list.
What kind of content can we create: 
📝 Blogs and SEO articles
🎥 Short and long-form video
🗣️ Social media posts  
🎙️ Webinars, podcasts and panels  
💌 Emails and newsletters
✍️ Copywriting (ex. website or landing page) 
🤖 Outreach flows and engagement automations

Engagement Automation

Social Media Posting

Video and written content that’s created and published for you.
Content people love
Case Studies 📈

Why work with us? 

• No-risk pricing – pay month-to-month with no commitment.

No outsourcing – we do everything ourselves.

Work with former YC content and social media leads.

A Head of Content, Head of Social and Copywriter rolled into one plan.


Custom Package


billed monthly

Email | Social media | Content | Copywriting

Month-to-month, no commitment. Cancel anytime.

We can start building your growth channel today!
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