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A content + cold email
growth channel

We'll build and run an outbound growth channel for you using content paired with email. Month-to-month, cancel anytime.

How it works


First we plan your outbound strategy paired with a content channel (a blog, newsletter, webinar series, podcast, etc.) 

Setup content

Next we'll build your content platform and warm up your outbound email system in parallel so things move fast.

Produce and send!

Once everything is setup, we'll  produce ongoing content and send outbound emails to generate your growth.

Why it works

People love getting free content, especially when the quality is high and it solves their problem. This is why our outbound emails perform 3x better industry averages.

We know this works because we've done it before – a lot actually.

Better email performance

Our campaigns get 3x better response rates than the industry average, and often go without getting a single spam report!

2x Growth channels in 1

In addition to high performing outbound, you also get an inbound content channel! Emails for short term growth, content for the long haul.

Leads included

Most agencies just send emails. We'll figure out how to find your target market and generate an email list for you. All included!

No spam reports

We don't spray and pray. We send emails to highly targeted leads that are more likely to convert.

No outsourcing

All work is done by growth, content and copy experts who have scaled startups from zero to $30M using this tactic together.

Works like a subscription

Pay month-to-month with no commitment. In fact, we'll teach your team how to run the whole channel yourselves if you'd like.

We do everything

All we need from you is approval. We do everything else and work async, so you could go on holiday for a month and return to a new growth channel!

an experienced

Growth & Marketing


We're a small group of builders who have worked together for years, using this growth channel to scale startups from zero to $30M and beyond.

At our core we are builders, not managers. We do everything ourselves without outsourcing, and take on only a handful of clients at a time.

Companies we worked with:
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We spend the first month building the channel, and run it continuously after.

Setup month


• Develop and confirm strategy
• Setup and warm-up your outbound email system
• Build your content platform
• Start producing content

Because building takes time, so we charge more for the setup month.

Monthly Subscription

*cancel anytime

$3K / month

• Source new email leads
• Send email flow to 10k targeted leads a month
• Produce ongoing content
• Optimize email sequence

The subscription price is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime.
We can even teach you how to run it!

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We can start building your growth channel today.
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