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All of your content and social,
with built-in distrubution

Month-to-month, no commitment

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How it works

We do everything – from strategy to content creation and posting.

You get a Growth, Content and Social Media
lead, for half the price of a full-time hire.

1. We record video discussions

Each month we record 2 interviews with a company founder, client or industry expert. We’ll work with you
on the topics and questions, and host the discussion.

2. We edit the videos

The main discussion becomes a long-form type video for channels like YouTube, and short-form edits for platforms like TikTok.

3. We write the content

Based on the insights from the video content, we write long-form SEO optimized articles and short-form posts for platforms like X and LinkedIn.

4. We schedule all posts

You don’t have to do a thing. We’ll schedule everything for you, so that all of your content and social media is taken care of.

5. Setup outreach automations

For platforms like LinkedIn and X, we can set up automations that engage with other accounts to help boost engagement on your posts.

Monthly panel discussions with industry experts

Turn industry thought leadership content into a scalable growth channel.
We'll help you:
🎤 Come up with discussion topics and questions
📆 Organize the event and prepare promo materials for it
🚀 Promote it on social media
⭐️ If nobody from your team is interested to become a
thought leader, we'll run the webinar for you!
From the webinar recording, we create:
Short-form videos

Edited from the webinar recording, along
with any product or feature updates you
want to announce on social media.

Blog posts
SEO optimized articles

Blog posts created from the knowledge and industry insights shared in the webinars, positioning you as a thought-leader in the industry. We can also create case studies.

Social Media
Daily posts

We'll use your industry knowledge to create an active social media calendar. We'll set up LinkedIn & Twitter automation as a distribution channel for your social media posts.

Our use cases 📈

What you get each month:

1. Long-form videos (YouTube, X/Twitter)
2. Short-form videos (X/Twitter, LinkedIn, Reels, YouTube shorts)
3. SEO optimized articles (Blog, social media)
4. Short text social posts (LinkedIn, X/Twitter)
5. LinkedIn automation flows (engages with other accounts)
6. X/Twitter auto-messaging (DM’s)
7. Unlimited copywriting (website, emails, landing pages, etc)
8. Social media posting (we post all content for you)

Engagement Automation

Social Media Posting

Video and written content that’s created and published for you.

Why work with us? 

You’ll get a top-tier content manager, social media manager and growth lead, all for less than the cost of a single hire.

• Pricing is month-to-month with no
commitment – substantially less risky than making an internal hire.

We do everything ourselves from strategy to content creation. No outsourcing, and we only use AI✨ to help edit and find errors.

We’ve been running these channels for years, paired with outbound email.


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Social media | Content | Automation | Copywriting

Month-to-month, no commitment. Cancel anytime.

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